A chronic non-finisher of projects

It took a long time before I started this blog. This blog post has been brought to you after many painful months of procrastination. I am not saying this proudly. This is, in fact, poorly disguised ashamedness. In fact, it took another month after the coining of this blog’s name to write the about page of this blog(I do not recommend you go to the about page of this blog).

But then I realized- this is probably the best post to start this off with. A disclaimer, in case my other posts do not come out on time. It is also, in fact, a recurring theme with most of my paintings. My creative process(like a lot of other artists) come in spurts of creative ingeniosity, that last a couple of minutes maximum, followed by hours of trying to prolong that feeling that made me itch to pick up a paintbrush by playing the right playlist of music( which I will share with you- wether you want it or not), and thinking happy thoughts.

As you might have guessed, this does not always work out. The pile of unfinished paintings that have the potential to be my next best work grows larger by the day. And these spurts of creativity that come to me sometimes seem to be exclusively targeted at creating a new piece only- till date, I have never felt inspiration to complete an unfinished piece, that is accomplished wholly through blood and sweat(ok, just sweat).

Hence, I present the point of this hopefully relatable mini ramble- a painting that uptil last week had no hope of ever seeing the light of the sun, but by an immense spurt of motivation ( credits to Ocean bloom, by Radiohead. Pretty intuitive really.) was finished the night before an exam. No, the fact that I had an exam and this generally sends me on a self-sabotaging tangent had nothing to do with the fact that this painting was finished, thank you very much.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking. This blog is looking to be a very promising source of inspiration to any amateur struggling artist? Gee thanks, keep coming back too!