Hi, I'm Ajitha Ramesh

Ajitha Ramesh

Self Taught Artist!

If you see anything you like, you can contact me for further enquiries.

The mark of an artist is their unfailing ability to romanticize everything. It is in this spirit that I think that art can be of many minds. Being free from the burdens of history, it can level an imbalance  of power, bridge the way to shifting perspective, or at the very least, spark an internal dialogue. Here, I introduce you to art that spans both sides of the canvas, and many facets of the mind. Welcome to bithought.

My name is Ajitha Ramesh, of a viable dieable age, and I’m a student of medicine, and of life in the general sense. This page show(cases) my original artwork the thoughts manufactured around it. It also includes tutorials, advice on creative process and a fair share of uncategorised nonsense.

  • Mostly Watercolours, but expect to see anything
  • Still a Stranger
  • Candy to Cavities, Dust to Ashes